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Aquatic Artist, Richard BilowAquatic Installations Artist Richard Bilow began his career as an aquarium designer, when he founded Aquatic Art in 1988. Combining his professional and childhood experience of creating aquarium and terrarrium environments with his passion for art, architecture, and design, Bilow now takes the concept of aquariums as art to new levels, through Aqua-Terra Studios.

Here the artist, designer and aquatc installations specialist continues to develop his innovative blend of sculpture, art and aquarium design.

Richard's uniquely creative and highly personalized approach to creating both aquatic and "terraquatic" installations has resulted in opportunities to work with and for such notable personalities as Barbara Lazaroff, Fran Drescher, Perry Ferrell, Tommy Lee, Heather Locklear, Courtney Cox, Charlie Sheen and Shaquille O'Neal, among others. His works have become integral features in many interior spaces, including the City of Beverly Hills City Hall Complex, San Diego Marriot Hotel, The Friars of Beverly Hills, and the famed Wolfgang Puck/Barbara Lazaroff restaurant, Granita, in Malibu California.

From traditional aquariums to sculptured one-of-a-kind creations, Bilow guides all of his designs with an artistic flare found nowhere else. His work has been featured on Access Hollywood, Eye on LA, and in Interior Expressions magazine, which described Aqua-Terra Studios as an "innovative advancement in the concept of aquariums as art".

In 1995, Richard was honored by being selected to participate in Absolut Vodka's Human Antfarm project, broadcast live on the world wide web. Sharing company with highly acclaimed artists such as Bill Barminski and Anne Magnasen, Bilow created two dynamic installations in a Venice Beach studio while "surfers" on the web observed his progress from around the world.

The intensity and clarity of Bilow's vision, combined with his passion for nature, art and innovation, make Aqua-Terra Studios the world's premier resources for those wishing to transform static spaces into dynamic environment, in homes, businesses and public spaces.